According to the American Payroll Association:

Independent research indicates the average company overpays 1%-8% of their annual payroll due to ineffective or inefficient procedures. By implementing an automated time and attendance system using electronic data collection terminals companies can recoup those lost expenses.

Below are the five most common reasons organizations automate their employee time tracking and employee management:

  • Reduce payroll cost as much as 8% by eliminating inaccurate manual calculations and data entry errors.
  • Decrease employee time theft.
  • Minimize risk of being audited or fined by the Department of Labor for unfair pay practices.
  • Enhance internal processes to boost employee productivity and morale.
  • Better track, monitor, and manage employee attendance and time-off usage.

If you believe any of the above reasons are affecting your bottom life we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help.


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