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Time Clocks in the Quad Cities and Midwest

Time Clocks in the Quad Cities

With the widest variety of hardware and data collection options in the industry, Longley Systems’ Data Collection Terminals (DCT) are designed to meet the environmental and business requirements of any company. From basic Badge Readers to full-featured Employee Self-Service Kiosks, our hardware options provide the necessary functionality to support all types of workforces. We offer various input methods, including PIN/Key-in, Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Biometric (hand or fingerprint), telephone, and PC/Web Punch. Additionally, our many connectivity options include Direct Serial Connect, Modem, Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet (POE), Wireless, and Cellular (GPRS). This means that our data collection devices can be supported in a wide range of work sites and available infrastructures.

During the evolution of automated Time & Attendance systems, the “time clock” has been referred to by many names; Time Clocks, Badge Swipes, Terminals, Employee Punch Devices, Hardware, and many others. We simply refer to them as Data Collection Terminals or DCT.


Our most economical data collection terminal for organizations with very basic data collection needs.

  • Proximity, Fingerprint, and PIN
  • Ethernet Connection using “push” technology for real time data collection
  • View Timesheet
  • View Schedules
  • View Points Balance
  • Transfer Jobs, Departments, Locations
  • Receive Messages


Download NT7000-Lite PDF Brochure

NT7000-Lite Data Collection Terminal

NT7000 – Employee Kiosk

The NT7000 “time clock” is a modern and versatile designed Data Collection Terminal. The large Color Touchscreen and extensive functionality makes it the ideal Employee Self-Service Kiosk!

Key Employee Features & Functionality:

  • Punch in and out using fingers, proximity badges, HID badges, or ID/SSN key-in.
  • Transfer multi-level groups to support labor tracking needs.
  • Submit time-off requests.
  • Input hours for sick leave, vacation, personal leave, etc.
  • Input tips, bonus dollar amounts, etc.
  • Access timesheets, work schedules, accrual information, and performance tracking data (point system) in real time.
  • Submit timesheets for approval.
  • View punches in online and offline mode.

Key Supervisor Features & Functionality:

  • Enable employee schedule lockouts.
  • Enable employee meal lockouts.
  • Distribute private messages to employees.
  • Option to load training videos and other tools for employees to view.
  • Wide-angle camera for photo capture upon punch submission.


Download NT7000 PDF Brochure

NT7000 – Employee Kiosk

Click here to see this time clock in action on our YouTube page!

GT400P – Employee Kiosk

With the GT400P, your hand is your badge. The cost of creating and administering badges is eliminated along with “buddy punching” (when one employee clocks in for another). Also serves as an Employee Kiosk!!

  • Biometric Handreader
  • Ethernet Connection using “Push” Technology for Real-Time data collection
  • Enter Time Off Hours (Vacation, PTO)
  • Enter Dollar Amounts (Tips, Expenses)
  • Transfer Jobs, Department, Locations
  • Touch Screen

Employee Kiosk Functionality

  • Employee Work Schedules
  • Point System Information
  • Private Messages
  • Accrual Balances


Download GT400P PDF Brochure

GT400P - Employee Kiosk


Speed up your job tracking process using NOVAtime’s portable NT65M, the ideal hardware solution for your mobile workforce.

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • WiFi and/or Cellular Connection
  • Enter Time Off Hours (Vacation, PTO)
  • Enter Dollar Amounts (Tips, Expenses)
  • Transfer Multi-Employee/Multi-Level Group and Departments
  • Identify employees by enabling the display of employee photos after each successful punch
  • GPS capabilities

Employee Kiosk Functionality

  • Employee Timesheets
  • Employee Work Schedules
  • Point System Information
  • Accrual Balances/Requests

Download NT65M PDF Brochure

NT65M - Mobile Data Collection


Allow your employees to scan badges anywhere and send data via Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • 2.4GHz Bluetooth Connection
  • IP42 Rating and 1.5 Meter drop tested
  • Realtime data transfer to mobile device
  • 850mAh battery provides 24 hours of work before needing recharged

Available in 3 models

  • 2d Bluetooth Scanner, 1 rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Micro USB Cable
  • Laser Bluetooth Scanner, 1 rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Micro USB Cable
  • CCD Bluetooth Scanner, 1 rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Micro USB Cable

Download NT4070S PDF Brochure

NT4070S - Mobile Data Collection

NOVAtouch-II USB Biometric

Your Finger is your password!! How many passwords do your employees have? Easy to guess, written and shared passwords jeopardize your labor management and attendance tracking integrity. NOVAtime’s biometric fingerprint solution, NOVAtouch-II, improves security, reduces password administration costs and helps streamline regulatory compliance.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Improves Security
  • Reduce Password Administration
  • Biometric Audit Trail

Download NOVATouch-II PDF Brochure

Phone-In System

The ideal workforce management solution for construction businesses, housekeeping services, home health care, and other mobile business:

  • Do you have employees who work among multiple locations?
  • Do you track job transfers as your employees work from one location to another?
  • Do you have a need for labor distribution or client billing for your mobile workforce?

Give your employees the power of a full-featured time clock and self-service kiosk in the field

Features and Functionality

  • Punch/In Out
  • Transfer Jobs and/or Departments
  • Listen to Work Schedules
  • Report Time-Off (Absences, Sick Leave)
  • Deliver Recorded Messages to Employees
  • “Push Technology”

Download NOVAPhone-In PDF Brochure

Phone-In System

Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, & iPad

NOVAtime’s Mobile Applications are available for Apple iOS and Android platforms. A great solution for mobile and remote employees utilizing friendly user interfaces and intuitive apps.

  • View Timesheet
  • Punch In/Out
  • Request Time-Off
  • Submit Timesheet
  • Job Transfer

Web Punch

An ideal and low cost option for administrative employees, or, on the shop floor in conjunction with bar code scanners for an easy to use job or labor tracking solution!

  • Punch In/Out via a PC or Mobile Phone
  • Transfer Jobs, Departments, Locations, etc.

Web Punch Timecard

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