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The most innovative approach to a complete and comprehensive 100% web based self hosted Workforce Management Solution in the industry!


The NOVAtime STARbox is a bundled solution combining our state-of-the-art NOVAtime software with a fixed configuration server to provide a managed solution that will fit seamlessly into an organization’s existing IT environment. This approach allows us to eliminate hardware variables. For our clients this translates to: a faster implementation with less expense, simplified support with more highly tested and reliable software and automatic software updates through our One-touch process.

The most innovative approach to a complete and comprehensive 100% web based self hosted Workforce Management Solution in the industry! Our Stand Alone Architecture (STAR) offers the level of reliability and consistent performance you expect from world class leader in the Time & Attendance industry. The STARbox is a completely self contained Virtualized Server dedicated to the NOVAtime software solution.

NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solution is a complete solution that meets the needs of today’s most demanding business requirements. From automated time tracking anywhere to complex labor costing and analytical reporting, NOVAtime can help your business reduce labor costs by optimizing your company’s workforce through automated pay rules, advanced scheduling, and business intelligence. NOVAtime’s application was designed with a workflow process in-mind. Roles and responsibilities are easily defined, which will simplify deployment and usage throughout your company




Standard Included Features & Key Functionality:
  • Accommodates up to 1000 employees (STARbox)
  • 1000+ Employees (STAR)
  • Strong pay policy setup
  • Multiple overtime policies
  • Unlimited shifts and differentials
  • Unlimited pay codes and categories
  • Up to (8) flexible group categories
  • Multiple Scheduling Methods
  • Accrual/Leave/Time-Off Benefit Tracking
  • Attendance Points & Occurrence Policies
  • Expense Management
  • Access Control
  • Exception-based, from pay rules to shifts, schedules, etc
  • Web interfaces for administrators and supervisors which includes a highly configurable dashboard
  • Interfaces with virtually any 3rd party application, including payroll/HR/ERP systems, eliminating double entry of shared information.
  • Comprehensive Ad-Hoc Report Generator with Auto E-mail feature
  • Employees can enter their time via biometric device, swipe card, web browser, mobile apps (iPad, iPhone, Android devices or phones and telephony.
  • Plus many more great benefits… Contact us!
Gain Full Control with a Self-Hosted solution:
  • Self-hosting gives you full control of your software and Data.
  • The server is managed by us….your IT will NOT be responsible for daily backups, server updates, or software updates.
  • Allows you to host the software on their own servers, eliminating the need to attain time consuming certifications.
  • You have full control of who can access the software.

This provides you many of the advantages of a SaaS solution including managed hardware and up-to-date software with an on-premise system that minimizes the use of your IT resources. Because it is the same software we use for our SaaS clients you always have the option to move to a hosted environment should your needs change.

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